A Celebration of World Cultures

through Music and Dance

When Tracey Eldridge (stringed instruments and vocals,) Marsha Searle (dance, percussion, and vocals,) and Jon Glik (violins and percussion) take the stage together, the result is a veritable explosion of world music and dance.   Grace and Fire features highly energetic performances of music and dance from cultures on 6 continents.  With a deep respect for cultures and traditions acquired through years of international travel, study, and touring, these gifted performers bring the world to your stage.  Grace and Fire circumvents the globe with ports of call in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.  A celebration of cultural diversity and self-expression through the arts, it's a truly captivating show for all ages!

ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS for Pre-K through Grade 8

  • GRACE AND FIRE:  A Celebration of World Cultures through Music and Dance


  • ONE NATION, MANY CULTURES:  The Great American Music Tree


Celebrating Human Ingenuity and Self-Expression through Music

For entry into the amazing world of music the only "passport" required is imagination!  Tracey journeys the globe to explore the ingenious ways in which people answer the universal need for self-expression through music.  She highlights music of cultures on 6 continents using instruments fashioned from plants, trees, shells, seeds, animal parts, insect cocoons, household utensils, metals, and all sorts of would-be trash, illustrating how music reflects both the habitat and the culture from which it comes.  Emphasizing the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling, Tracey invites students to explore the potential for "musical repurposing" within their own recycle bins.  PASSPORT TO THE AMAZING WORLD OF MUSIC is a highly interactive program whose destinations include Asia, Australia, North and South America, Polynesia, the Middle East, East and West Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe.  People of all ages are fascinated by the sights and sounds of steel pan, cuica, saz, zills, dumbek, kalimba, djembe, digeridoo, pan pipes, chachas, charango, fiddle, ukulele, nose flute, Native American flutes and rattles, buffalo drums, and more.  Through easily-mastered dances students gain kinesthetic insight into highlighted cultures.  Other interactive activities include call and response singing, map navigation, drum mnemonics, body percussion, student "guest appearances," and Q&A.  Performed in solo, duo, or trio format.


The Great American Music Tree

21st century America is home to a flourishing, multi-faceted, technicolor music tree.  It appeared neither suddenly nor recently but has, rather, grown out of roots transplanted before the United States declared itself a nation.  In ONE NATION, MANY CULTURES:  THE GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC TREE Tracey Eldridge & Company examines the roots of our modern American music tree, exploring forms of music and dance that came about when vastly different cultures met for the first time on American soil.  Children gain understanding of music and dance as both expressions of American history with its immigrations and migrations and as reflections of the cultural heritages of its immigrants.  Audiences hear music from Native American cultures, the British Isles, Central and West Africa, the New England colonies, the Deep South, the Mississippi Delta, and modern urban America.  They see and hear the musical instruments that typify each of the represented musical traditions.   Children gain appreciation of the blues as a product of cultural convergence and as the foundation of rock'n'roll, jazz, and R&B.  And they learn to distinguish the European elements of modern music and dance from the elements imported from Africa.  Highly interactive, ONE NATION, MANY CULTURES:  THE GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC TREE includes African and African-American call-and-response singing, body percussion, easy-to-master dance movement, student "guest appearances," map navigation, and Q&A.  The program concludes with a rap music and dance party in which everyone plays an integral part.  While it's educational, the kids have a ton of fun!  Performed in trio format.


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