Programs for Preschool through Grade 2

Tracey's fun and interactive MUSIC 'N' MOTION programs are designed to spark imaginations, to inspire creative self-expression, to enhance self-esteem, and to foster a sense of community in the classroom.   Programs include singing to "live" musical accompaniment, creative movement and dancing, puppetry, body percussion and percussion instrument play, riddles and rhymes, stories, dramatic and (where space allows) parachute play.

Tracey has created dozens of programs to complement early childhood curriculum, welcoming every opportunity to build programs on new themes.  She would be happy to create a program to answer your curricular needs.  Her current catalog of program offerings includes: 

The Joy of Music:  It' NO Mystery! 

Active listening and sound identification, singing, experimentation with body percussion and musical instruments, self-expression through creative movement, puppetry, parachute play, and a heaping helping of silliness capture the attentions and engage the imaginations of young audiences.  As sidekick to her puppet Shirley Holmes, PI, Tracey guides students in an investigation of the senses, sounds, vibrations, and musical instruments.  The children use their "detective" skills--scientific observation and deductive reasoning--to determine how various musical instruments make sounds.  They identify and duplicate rhythmic patterns in music, both with their bodies and with percussion instruments,  take turns at being leaders, and move to music of different styles.  Performed solo.  

A Celebration of the Garden and Its Inhabitants

Tracey's BUGS DON'T BUG ME! is an interactive

program featuring music, stories and make-believe, creative self-expression, rhyming, riddles, puppetry, and (where space allows) parachute play.  This program fosters respect for living creatures, no matter how big or small.  Children are encouraged to sing along to a host of "bug" songs ("Ladybug Picnic," "Buzz Buzz Buzz," "Bugs Don't Bug Me," and others.)  The kids perform "their special part" in a call-and-response number, play a musical rhyming game, answer riddles, and respond to a musical story performed with puppets ("Hey, Little Ant.")  They're inspired to march ("Ants Go Marching,") to hop ("Grasshopper Hop,") to crawl ("Caterpillar,") to fly ("Butterfly,") and to express themselves through improvisational movement.   Performed in solo or duo format. 

A Musical Celebration of Travel and Transportation

LET'S GO! is a fantastic journey by train, plane, bus, boat, bicycle, car, truck, helicopter, rocket ship, and even time machine!  A whimsical vacation via the imagination whose destinations include the beach, the playground, the farm, the safari park, and planet Mars, this program contains all of the interactive and educational elements of EXPRESS YOURSELF:  SING, SAY, STOMP, AND PLAY.  Tracey proves that the "driving" can be as fun as the "arriving," and that the road trip can be a part of our destination instead of that which separates us from it.  LET'S GO! stimulates imaginations and inspires uninhibited self-expression.  Kids have a blast!  Performed solo.

An Underwater Adventure

With singing, dancing, finger plays, creative movement, rhyming, puppetry, percussion, parachute and dramatic play, SPLASH! celebrates the wondrous world of water.  Tracey takes children on a journey through the aquatic realm, traveling variously by rowboat, canoe, sailboat, ocean liner, and submarine.  Voyagers are met by a parade of water-dwelling creatures all of  all of whom depend upon humans--you and me--to keep their habitats clean. Destinations include the pond, the lake, the stream, the river, the swamp, the ocean, the tropical island, and the Chesapeake Bay.  Kids delight in songs that feature ducks, frogs, seagulls, fish, sharks, crabs, seals, whales, dolphins, octopi, crocodiles, and even mermaids.  They learn to distinguish saltwater from freshwater bodies and fish from amphibians and sea mammals.   They're encouraged to make a SPLASH! as they row, paddle, swim, waddle, chomp, quack, and dive, expressing themselves through movement, play, and imitation of the sounds in nature.   Performed solo or in duo format.

Imagination is the limit!  Tracey enchants young audiences with her special blend of songs, finger plays, stories, props, musical instruments, creative movement, dramatic play, puppetry, riddles, rhyming, and parachute play.  The power in teamwork, the joy in self-expression, the beauty in diversity, and the importance of caring for the environment are among the messages Tracey puts for in her high-spirited, sometimes zany way.  The kids experience it as pure unadulterated fun. Tracey's joyful exuberance motivates children to particpate without self-consciousness.  No less than the kids, grownups enjoy the variety of musical style in Tracey's repertoire:  rock'n'roll, blues, bluegrass, swing, folk, reggae, calypson, Dixieland jazz, boogie woogie, rockabilly, and zydeco.  Performed solo, in duo, or in trio format.

Higly interactive, educational, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys!   

As head pilot, skipper, and trail guide, Tracey takes young audiences on a rollicking worldwide safari to explore the animals, the habitats, and music from each of 7 continents.  While traversing land and sea in planes, ship, and truck of their own imagining, children gain awareness of planet Earth, its landmasses and bodies of water, its diversity, its amazing wildlife, and the importance of caring for the planet that sustains us all.  Tracey unleashes an arsenal of songs and dances, musical instruments, sound effects, dramatic play, creative movement, rhyming games, percussion, animal puppetry, and silly humour to create an unforgettable learning experience.  The runway is clear for takeoff.  Fasten your seatbelts!  Performed solo or in duo format.

An Interactive Musical Celebration of the  Creatures Who Sleep Under Our Feet

Meet groundhogs, chipmunks, tortoises, armadillos, platypuses, moles, and other diggers of the animal kingdom.  Discover the special fossorial adaptations that enable them to burrow into the earth for food and shelter.  Celebrate the tiny creatures who live in the soil of our gardens including the ant, the snail, the millipede, and the worm.  And, finally, dig into the paleontologist's realm through interactive dinosaur songs, musical riddles, and puppetry.  The latest addition to Tracey's interactive MUSIC 'n' MOTION series, DIGGERS! incorporates riddles, rhyming, creative movement, dramatic play, puppetry, singing to "live" musical accompaniment, dancing, parachute (where space allows) and percussion play to spark imaginations, promote self-expression, and foster a sense of community.  Children are encouraged at every turn to contribute ideas and to express themselves through movement.  The kids really DIG it!

Performed solo.


Discover the sights, the lights, and the sounds of night!  Tracey ventures into the nocturnal realm, introducing through music and story a world that stirs only when humans are tucked safely into bed.  Songs, stories, and puppetry feature such inhabitants of the night as raccoons, skunks, bears, owls, crickets, bats, kangaroos, tarantulas, and a host of others.  Kids listen actively and respond to riddles ("Who Am I?") filled with fascinating facts about nocturnal creatures.  Tracey explores with childlike wonder both the night sky and the lights that help us find our way after sunset.  Children gain awareness of the sun as both a source of energy and the provider of a darkness that promotes sleep and regeneration.  Song and dance inspired by Native American cultures highlight the respect of indigenous peoples for the fiery star on which all of life depends.  Children respond with voice, body, and handheld percussion to contemporary and familiar songs whose dynamic ranges extend from lullaby to rock.  Audiences sing along, duplicate rhythm patterns, "keep the beat" at different tempos, and choose volumes appropriate to different styles of music.  Tracey emphasizes the beauty and power in teamwork, cooperation, and community, using as models the making of ensemble music and parachute play.  Kids experience the learning as just plain fun--education at its best!    Lots of interaction!  Performed solo.

Tracey guides audiences on a journey through the land of infinite possibility--the realm of human imagination!  With her unique mix of singing, dancing, "live" musical accompaniment, storytelling, rhyming, puppetry, creative movement, percussion and parachute play Tracey celebrates the power of imagining, the magic in dreams, and the joy in moving, exploring, and creating.  Children participate in the shaping of this journey, and they collaborate to create a story that's all their own.  In our dreams we can fly...  prepare for takeoff!  Performed solo.